Blog for Web & E-business module.

Hi this will be a page about me, my studies and my develptment on the Web & E-Business module for the year 2016-20xx in the University of Worcester.

I’ll try to do regular updates here on the changes and advancement I have on my page called an Unique Page.


What is my page about?

My page is a ocean themed shop for rocks crystals and other stone like things. I first made the page about rocks as a joke because I thought it was hilarious but now I’ve gotten attached to the idea and don’t want to change it. I think it’s a good challenge!


Who am I?

My name is Oscar Häkkinen, I come from the land of thousand lakes. (Aka: Finland) I came to UK to study Hnd Computing at the University of Worcester and my dream is to become a game developer.


What can your product bring to your clientele?

My product will be a selection of collectors items and decorative ornaments for your household. They can be ordered in singles, packs or bulk. The product can be used as indoor decoration like a door stopper or a fish tank decoration, it can also be used as a garden decoration but it has little to none practical use.