Unique Page: Email Marketing


Spam folder filler

have you ever gotten an email from a weird website telling you how to grow your male testosterone levels? how about stores that you have discount card from asking if you want to do a small questionaire or see their latest discounts?

if you answered yes to one of these it means you already have experience with email marketing.

Email marketing is  a good way of attracting customers to new products or updates. Email marketing is like social media but in a more detailed thought out way.


You’ve got mail!

Creating your own email marketing campaign may be quite difficult. getting together everything in a neat compact way so the reader doesn’t need to sit there reading your novel for three hours is one of the things you should think about when creating it.

So to make things a bit more easier we have:


mail chimp

Mail chimp

A program made just for creating well thought out and nicely arranged spam mail!

juve gote maili

Mail chimp has e very easy to use and thought out system that you can use to create your templates for later campaigns.

you've got mail

a very simple and broad set of options let’s you create your email campaing looking very pretty with small amount of struggle.

you've got mail 2

with options like adding videos, images and call to action buttons.

My newsletters.

I created Three newsletters with the Mail chimp program. these three are.

email 3

Newsletter for new products

This is a short email presenting the user to our newly aquired social media and new products we have added to our selection.

email 2


A Short story newsletter about the page.

Tells the user about the beginning of the page. how it was created and what made it what it is now.

There isn’t really anything in the links because i didn’t have anything to add there.

But if it was an actual serious page i would have created a page for the history of my page.

number 1

A summer discount email.

The summer discount email is supposed to go to everyone that has subscribed to the An Unique Page.

this tells about the coming summer and the coming discount with it.

The newsletter plan.

The newsletters would be monthly, starting with the summer discount as it is the one that probably pulls most of the user into subscribing in, in the first place. next it Would be either the newsletter about new products and updates on the page or the short story one if there isn’t anything to post about. the idea would be to have several of these filler emails that would be sent incase there was a lack of content coming out on that month. these filler emails would have short snippets of story or background info about the page, like how it started or who the people who created it are.

The goods and bads with newsletters.

Using an email service can be very beneficial to your page. it can get customers interested into buying something new or get them to tell their friends about it because of the touching backstory you gave them in one of your filler emails.


  • more traffic to your page
  • strenghten bonds with customers
  • get more sales on new products


But at the same time it is kind of a double edged sword. while getting users into checking your page more often it can very easily get them to dislike it a lot.

  • emailing too often may put down users
  • having too many useless newsletters can make the users unsubscribe
  • making things complicated
  • additional work


If you are going to create a email/newsletter campaign be sure to give it a lot of thought. many of the newsletters i get from the stores around me just send updates of their new products on sale or events in a plain text format. and while that is okay and i get an idea what i might want to get next time i go to shop or what Uni events are going to happen soon it at the same time bores me a lot to see just plain text and “NOW 20% OFF!!! piece of baby diapers”. Having a few emails about how things are going on with your business isn’t wrong.



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