Unique Page: YouTube

It is done.

the Youtube video took me a lot of time to do but it is finally done.

web vid 4
a part of my video been made in after effects

Third social media. why so much?

social media sites are in the top right now at the 201X and to influence a lot of people the easiest way is to branch out to as many ways as possible.

So, youtube?

Youtube is a bit different to many other social media sites. instead of relying on posts, pictures or events it relies on videos. of course there a themes like games and sports that sometimes take the headlines but unlike every other social media youtube doesn’t really have a generic timeline where you see all your friends posts. instead it works with subscriptions and changes your homepage depending on what you have recently watched.

web vid 3
the layers on my web page promo video

Chose not to embed the video to my page

I chose to not embed the youtube video into my web page because there was no good spot for it and i didn’t like how it disturbed the pages outlook.



Why is youtube good for a business company?

it is the biggest video streaming website known and if you are going to make a promo or anything in a video format it should be added into youtube.

It’s now a standard to many that if you want to find a video you first search it (well on google) on youtube and only after that check where else it could be posted. and most movie, video, sport, game and business companies do have a youtube and a promo explaining what their company is about.



Youtube video material references:

(2017)column-576067_1280[accessed:27,4,2017] https://pixabay.com/p-576067/?no_redirect


(2017)Snowfall final.mp3[accessed:27.4.2017]https://www.freesound.org/people/ShadyDave/sounds/262259/


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