Unique Page: Analyzing……

I see you…

Like the tin foil hatted conspiracy theorist always warned us, they can indeed track what we search, see, want and write. But not really in such a way as they thought.


Analyzing a web page is a good way to learn what your clients want, like and dislike.

And for this there are several programs tomonitor your page activity. from visitor age to time spent on page, there are many uses for these analyzers and one of them is called:


Google Analytics


to install this you have to go through a maze like setting up sequence.

  1. go to the google analytics page and sign in with your google account
  2. open your page
  3. download and install the google analytics plugin
  4. open a page that gives you a string of words
  5. go here
  6. do that
  7. you get it, I don’t have to explain this.


When you finally get everything set up and the program starts ticking, it presents you the keys to every kids nightmare.

Analytics 2
User location

the program starts showing all of the users information and activity.

  • age
  • location
  • time spent on page
  • what the user searched
  • and many other things

it is indeed a powerful program for those who need to see what happens on their page or what to do to mak people more interested in it.

analytics 1
active users and the time they used on the page

For me sadly, the program looks a bit empty. no one was really interested into buying some quality rocks at the middle of a wednesday night.

analytics 3
it’s me on the page…


Less serious

A less serious look at the analyzing is the program from wordclouds.com which uses your pages url to create a word cloud and changes their size depending on how often the word is seen on the page.


It’s fun and doesn’t use much time to use but doesn’t give you much more besides a nice picture and a idea what words you might see most often in your page. (which is more than enough for me to use it)


….Results are in

I tried getting heatmaps to work and one of them required my card details and the other didn’t want to let me sign in. I wasn’t that much into it anyway (even though it sounded very interesting) so i decided that i didn’t need it that much as my page probably doesn’t have any activity on it besides my own anyway. I do understand how the heat maps work and see how using one would benefit the user a lot.

It’s all to show the user what the visitors like so they can then arrange the page into a more suitable fashion. Most interesting to the top left and secondary below.





(2017)google analytics available at:https://analytics.google.com/analytics/web/?authuser=0#provision/CreateAccount/ (accessed: 27.4.2017)

(2017)google analytics plugin available at:https://en-gb.wordpress.org/plugins/google-analytics-dashboard-for-wp/ (accessed: 27.4.2017)

(2017)wordclouds.com available at:http://www.wordclouds.com/ (accessed: 27.4.2017)


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