An Unique page: Twitter = Facebook but with limits

Link to Twitter:  Click me.

It’s not you it’s twitter

Like you probably already guessed. my thoughts of twitter aren’t the most positive.

Twitter to me feels like an idea of an creative extra fancy hipster who thought that facebook is way too mainstream and messaging your plans to your friends via text messages was way too 2000’s.

And when the hype of this social media came in i was confused why everyone was so much into sending two word messages about their bathroom experiences with ten hashtags explaining the quality of their toilet paper!!

So if it’s so bad why did you choose it?

By my knowledge, twitter is one of the biggest social media sites under the likes of Facebook LinkedIn and youtube.

Also, some of the features that Twitter has like the hashtags, (which are on most social media sites nowdays) the limited type amount, the retweets and the unspoken rule of tweeting about short events from your daily life and food really made me want to try it out for my page.

And to be completely honest, I thought it would be a easy choice as i already had some knowledge how to use it and what to expect…


Into Business

Some snips from my twitter account.

twitter 1
you’ll have to bare with me I left the language to finnish so some of the text is gibberish to most.

Firstly. The small image showing my profile name and under it the same but with a @ mark before it.

That @ mark and the now popular # were actually the two reasons (and including the confusing choice of 140 character limit) why twitter blew out so well when it first came out.



what Makes Twitter so good for a business page?

one really good point that makes twitter good for businesses is it’s often seen use in television and sports events.  Twitter has a very unique use at events and big shows like the olympics, xfactor or even the news.

How it works?

the streaming crew adds a small timeline to the bottom of the screen showing off peoples tweets as the event goes on. this brings a lot of attention to twitter at the time of these events as every twitter user rushes to spam their account so they can be seen in the TV

twitter 2
The big picture of my twitter channel and my first tweet for my page

To get their tweet to be seen on the TV or event the users need to add the hashtag or @ character and the name of the company or event that is been held.

This is great because it creates traffic and with twitters popularity system the company raises up in the popularity tags which brings in even more curious users to their account.




Amanda MacArthur(2017)the real history of twitter, in brief.  available at: (accessed: 26.4.2017)






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