Unique Page: Pop Ups And Coupons

You know what banner ads are right? little annoying boxes in the corner of your video or top of the web page you are visitting at. well how about pop ups?

Pop ups are the step up to banner adds. they double down on the annoyance level with shoving their content on your face, interrupting you completely and requesting you to subscribe to the page or making you search for the small x in the corner of the popup.

But as annoying as they are, they also work very, very well.

They can increase your email subscriptions with over 1,375% (depending on your starting subscriptions)

Pop ups are a good sure way of increasing your subscriptions even though they might be a bit annoying. Like banner ads they are only remembered when you dislike them.

So creating one should be done with a lot of consideration and thought. making a flat popup that just says “PLZ SUBRSCRIBE!?” does nothing but harm to your page.

So how to make a good pop up?

Like with banners you should mostly think about the layout.

  • Text.
    • while not being as constrained with the limited amount of text in the popup as banners, You should consider what to say in your popup.
    • something like “dear customer, If you enjoy our products please fill out our form to subscribe to our page” might work well.
  • A carrot.
    • a bit of a cheap shot that might attract more of those people who only are interested when new discounts come in it works well to add in a carrot like “subscribe and receive a 30% discount for the whole summer”
  • Pretty up.
    • making your popup bland and flat bores a lot of people and makes people doubt it’s reliability. we already get a lot of spam email and the least we want is to accidentally subscribe to it ourselves.
    • Make your popup have a nice background picture that promotes your page and interest the customers.
  • way of presenting
    • have a certain way of presenting your popup.
    • timed, scroll percentage or appear as the user reaches the end of the screen.
    • don’t make the popup the first thing that appear to the user sees when they come to visit your page.
  • Escape.
    • Have a way for the user to disable the popup.
    • nothing makes you more unmotivated than repeatedly having to click that exit button everyt time you change a page at your store. have a “never see this popup” button withing the popup.
widgets 2


The disadvantages with popups

with all of the advantages of the popups they also bring in a lot of disadvantages. some people really hate it when you have you surfing experience interupted with a popup so much that they just don’t use you page. remember to limit your popup to not be too pushy.



What I already kinda pointed into was having a discount. and one of these are vouchers. printaple or emailable they can be given to your customers whenever you feel like it’s a good time to give them away.






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