An Unique Page: Pesky ads

Now who likes it when your youtube video gets interrupted with a full on 5 second add that destroys the immersion you got in it. or when you are trying to connect to your favourite rock website and the page takes over 10 minutes to load because of that huge banner add!

Yeah no one!!! But do the adds even do anything?

as much as you hate them don’t you feel like the banner ads are there only to annoy you? they never even advertise anything you like…

Or do they?


Banner ads and their benefits

most of the time when you see an add you click the small cross above it to get rid of such disgusting filth. But can you remember what those adds were about? no?

The reason here is that nowdays most of us are so acustomed to just rejcet the small adds. they are almost invisible to us.

But if they are invisible howcome so many are still done?

well, simply put. they actually work. many of us just don’t mark the positive impact of the ads in our head. like seeing an advert that you are interested in just makes you click it and you forget how you got to the page.

Ads are the invsible way of attracting attention to your page. they are on most social media sites and even in businesses. they are like bugs. always present, always annoying but they have their benefits(well some of them)




when I started searching about banners, I was quite surprised about how many different shapes and sizes there were for banners.


Just a few of the choices in the sea of banner sizes.

What seems to be very commonly used is the 486×60 which is the one for youtube banners. the small ones.

banner 4

Additionally to that it is very important to place your add correctly.

research has proven that 44% of adds get clicked when they are in the content. Like creating a facebook add or a popup that you have to close to proceed.

22% activity if the banner is placed in the heading. So when designing your web page you should have the top space have some room for possible advert placements

a small percentage of  7% on the left of the page and better but still not good 9% on the right side of the page.

After these the percentage goes under 4 and 1 so you shouldn’t even consider using the lower part of the page as ad placement.


What makes a good banner add?

you could prbably go on and on about what would be a good banner add. My experience has told me to create one really fast, take a break come back, and then do your banner.

Unlike blog posts or social media banners aren’t centered around long touching stories. they need short impactive messages that grab your customers attention and pull them to check out your products.

Big words.

When creating your banner add make only few words. but make those count. good examples like Discounts for you or Huge Sale always pull users in.

Keep it simple

as you have limited space you don’t get to showcase all your products. choose one thing you want to advertise and center around it.

pop out

Add small movements to your advert. make the “shop now” call to action move every two seconds so the users gets attracted to the movement in the corner of their eye.

don’t pop out that much

remember to keep it limited. these are supposed to load fast and just bait the people to come to your page. it’s no use if the add takes 10 minutes to load for a five minute video. (don’t know how that would even be possible)

Lastly have several ads and after your campaign check how you did.

everyone knows seeing the same stuff over andover gets boring. make suddle changes to keep people questioning if they have seen your add or not.  when your ad campaign is done check up on how you did. see if there was any growth and which add made most profit. this way you’ll know better what to do next time.


More stuff

You can always add more nifty stuff into your adds. QR codes were a thing at some point. you do still see them but they arent the thing around the block that much.


Secrets revealed

If you have keen eyes you have probably noticed how i have sneakily added some adds into this post. possibly not that sneakily. anyways, I like to think that it was sneaky. There is three.



Shay Howe(2010)”banner advertising for beginners: everything i wish i knew when i started” available at: (accessed: 29.4.2017)

Flaming text(2017)available at: 28.4.2017)

Bannersnack(2017)available at: (accessed: 28.4.2017) at: (accessed: 28.4.2017)

By the way here is some banner sizeif anyone wanted…. actually i can’t get it to dissappear from my blogpost and don’t want to re do the whole thing so it’s a feature now.

300 x 250 Medium Rectangle
250 x 250 Square
240 x 400 Vertical Rectangle
336 x 280 Large Rectangle
180 x 150 Rectangle
300 x 100 3:1 Rectangle
720 x 300 Pop-Under
Banners and Buttons
468 x 60 Full Banner
234 x 60 Half Banner
88 x 31 Micro Bar
120 x 90 Button 1
120 x 60 Button 2
120 x 240 Vertical Banner
125 x 125 Square Button
728 x 90 Leaderboard
160 x 600 Wide Skyscraper
120 x 600 Skyscraper
300 x 600 Half Page As

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