An Unique Page: Page Testing & Visitor Friendliness

Digging deeper into your page.

It’s the testing section for you page. Unsurprisingly, it has a lot more than just grammar checking in it.

When testing for your page, you probably first think about checking something like the code or the products for any errors. And your basically right!

But besides code and products it’s also accessibility and user friendliness. What you should and need to do before you fire up your website. Here’s the few things we were taught and the points that I found most interesting and useful.

Page Accessibility

page accessability is a important part on impressing and keeping your customers. It is very important to have a page that’s appealing and easy to use. If not, a lot of visitors end up confused or annoyed and may decide to go to another site.

What we did was use a page called WAVE. what wave does is it reads through your webpage and tries to detect any errors with accessibility. Wave also detects other issues like alerts and contrast issues. With Wave it is easier to see if your page has any problems or loopholes you have not noticed. It’s also good since it can tell you if your colours are very close to each other and hard to read.



The problems I found with Wave was that even though it tells you that you have errors it doesn’t make it too easy to understand what the errors are and how to get rid of them. capture

This isn’t really a reason to complain though. The page is already doing so much and for a professional these errors probably make actual sense and are easy to fix.


Link detection/proof reading for all your links

The link detector was also a very useful program. It checks all of your pages links and tests  if they go somewhere or result into a error.

The page I used for this was W3C Link Checker. The problem with this program is it’s long loading time and lack of options to do with the broken URL:s. The page displays all the broken urls in a very simple way and the possibilities to do anything are lacking.



Spell checker

Good Use for everyone. Probably known to a lot of people already, atleast the ones who need to do a lot of essays and are bad with grammar. Can say it’s been a hell of a friend to me in the past. But this is not a normal spell checker! this one checks your pages grammar!



Enter a caption

I used one called W3C Spell Checker.This page takes your URL and checks it for any errors in your writing. It’s a okay program but the problem with it is that it checks only the one page you give it. unlike with the earlier programs this one will at some point get a bit tedious if you want to spell check your whole page, since you will need to check every each one individually.

There’s also a bar that says this.

snip 3.PNG

So it ignores The main menus and some other texts. Which is not good for sure. making this program not that reliable. I used it anyways since I wanted to see what it found.

If your confident with your text and feel like the errors you make are on purpose or don’t matter, you can as well just skip the spell checker part. if i ever need to do this again I will probably skip it myself.


In the end what probably makes your page more appealing for the customers will most likely be the feedback that you can get from others and research on what other people have found out. reading other blogs and pages about their feedback and choices makes you realize a lot of the problems and errors that you might have done. Also asking others to check and comment about your page is a good beta test way to see if everything works and what to improve on.


The end advice I’d give is that your page is never fully complete. It needs to be checked and improved every once in a while like you do with a car. it’s never fully complete.


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