An unique page: Terms & Conditions.

Be sure to remember the most ignored button ever



“I’ve read and accept the terms & condition”

one of the most popular lies i have ever heard in the internet.

It is probably true that the terms & conditions is one of the most important things to have when purchasing something from online.

But at the same time it is one of the biggest known lies that anyone has done. Almost no one has read the terms & conditions, they check the box as fast as they can and move on without any guilt or knowledge.

It’s not wrong though. Anyone with a normal sense of knowledge knows that if people actually wanted to have us read the t&c:s  they could code the page to wait for a certain time to let the client read through until they can tick the checkbox or make T&c that needed the clients input or attention.

But why don’t they do that?

Well first of all it’s easier, that’s given. the user doesn’t have to go through a pop quiz everytime they want to renew they’re Habbo hotel membership and the owner of the page doesn’t need to code in a whole minigame for the user to go through.

Next, it’s faster. Surprise. like earlier, user doesn’t need to go through the whole game of waiting and the owner gets of easier too. In addition if your page took 20 minutes of the client’s time everytime they wanted to purchase something they might change the page just because of that.

third. The users already have to sign in, give in their bank details, name, address and etc. they don’t need the pop quiz. they have the possibility when needed, but it should not be forced down their throats like veggies to a kid. people need to feel like they have the power to choose if they want to or not to read the T&c:s.


What are the uses for Terms & Conditions?

Here’s the 7 main reasons stolen straight from the week 9 PowerPoint slides.

week9_BUSM1814_legal_aspects 2016
  1. Written terms and conditions help to create certainty as to the agreement
  2. Written terms and conditions help to minimize legal disputes and the chances of you being taken to court
  3. Written terms and conditions help you to cover all of the important matters and not overlook the things that are less obvious
  4. Written terms and conditions help you to enforce your agreement
  5. Written terms and conditions help you to provide good customer service
  6. Written terms and conditions help to avoid mismatched expectations 
  7. Written terms and conditions help you comply with the law


So yeah. Basically, it keeps you away from people misusing your product and then blaming it was your fault. It works for both the client and the owner of the product.

Terms & Conditions is a must have for a online store page. that’s a no brainer. If you don’t have this you could get into really serious trouble for no good reason besides you didn’t specify what you should and should not have done with the product.


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