An Unique Page: Fonts & Menus

More like page layout finishing touches and font trouble


This has been long coming. I was supposed to complete this blog post a long time ago but never got to it.

There was a lot of learning when it came to the fonts but in the end I couldn’t really do anything with them.

Anyhow. Fonts first. two very important and interesting fonts everyone should know are the San serif & normal Serif. Okay but what are they? Well first.

San Serif

san serif reference

Is a very bold and round font that has been made for easier readability on electronic devices. Because it’s so round and bold it’s very easy to distiguish on a electronic screens and makes it very good for long blocks of text.


serif reference

Serif on the other hand is the so called big brother of it. An opposite almost. Serif was made especially for books and text reading from a non electronic way. It is a lot more curvy and decorated version that is a really easy and fast to read from paper but can be troublesome if in small size and long blocks of text on electronic devices. It is still good to use for headlines and big fonts though for a more decorative touch.

Useless tips

now that you know that all of the fonts aren’t just randomly made letters you might think “what other interesting facts are there about them”

  1. Like there are Do’s there are also the Do Not’s. And with fonts the do not’s are the overused or generally bad fonts like Comic sans and it’s brothers. you can go google that if you want. there’s a lot in the end.
  2. The rules. mainly unspoken but people do still want clarification. These rules mainly affect the bold italic and underline commands for the writing. Bold should be used to make people see important parts of your text, like a attention taker. italic mainly has it’s uses for quotation or reference texts and finally underline which by the rules should only be used on hyperlinks. These are good basic rules to follow but there are always some people that don’t, this one is up to you.
  3. staying up to date. now not that hard of a thing to do and i think very self explanatory. you need to know what’s trendy right. or the whole comic sans things coming back again.
  4. Keep it short. Unlike what I do on my blog posts you should keep yours short and simple. The way most people look at the articles is the big headlines and if interested they might read half of the things you write. for me I know someone has to read all of this so I’m making it very detailed and long. Sorry for anyone having to do it.
  5. Best way is a complex way. Well let’s say that you have to write a essay like blog post. And you, like a professional, don’t want it to be boring or difficult to read. What can you do to make people want to read a huge block of text without stopping half way through? Answer, complexity.


Shorten your text blocks and add some bold text to some key points that you have to make people interested. add pictures for the reader to watch and have a break from the long read.

It’s called a distraction.

You can also

  • Use good references and make them italic so the reader understands when you are quoting or referencing something.
  • Add more headlines so the reader even if skipping through the block of text still sees the potentially interesting points you are making.
  • you can also make lists and graphs and links to other pages.


And the list goes on. main point is that the more complexity or should i say eye candy you add in the more the reader will be interested in reading it. Of course it can go overboard but everyone needs to experiment and find out their own favourite layout.


Menus and laying out the font

To make a web store appealing you might need at some point think about accessability. With accessability i now mean menus and text. You need to make good menus that are easy to access and at the same time not completely in the way.

Same with the text. Your text should be something that tells the users about your page. what you are selling and maybe a story about the beginning or the products. But it can’t all be just huge text and small icons. you should always remember that people normally read only a small part of the text you write and only if it’s interesting enough will they read the whole thing. always make it shorter than you wanted it to be.


Now I’ll show what I did.

For starters. I downloaded a plugin for a ton of fonts called Easy Google Fonts. it simply add’s a load of fonts that you can use to change the page.

For me though, this was almost useless. The plugin only shined with the paragraph and heading 3 sections and it had limited capabilities in general. I only changed one or two fonts into other called Antic slab &  alegreya SC. but even that doesn’t show almost anywhere. It was a useful tool but it didn’t fill all of my wishes as my theme conflicted heavily with it.

Home menu. set up in the upper right corner.

Also the menus were impossible to move. I tried even going as far as to the program code, but still it didn’t want to move. After a bit of asking around I found out that the theme was manually blocking me from moving the menus and my choice was to leave them alone.

One problem I had with this menu is how far the menus will extend when you want to go into a certain category.

i ended up making little improvements all around my page with the typhography setting. it was helpful a littlebit but you had to be careful since changing one font affected all the pages, not just the one you were playing with.

The text is made really small and by the looks I have the San serif and serif wrong way around. It still works and the text isn’t hard to read so I left it the way it is.

I made the products have weird curvy lines on top and under their title and also surprisingly I got a font called alegreya SC to work with them. This took almost all of my time in the class and In the end I couldn’t almost use any of the things that i learned on said class. Only after a while did I get the the idea to add a story to the pages as flavour text.


It was fun to play with the typography and it’s a interesting topic. it would help everyone to read even a small bit of it as you kinda see it everywhere. I myself know that it improved a lot of things with my posts and page and I still want to learn more of it.




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