An Unique Page Store: beginning & taglines

I made a store about rocks… It was a joke at first but now I’m too far and too into it to change it anymore. I like it.


I had a lot of trouble with decisions. Even choosing the tagline of the page had me troubled. I wanted to make something that sounded nice but it also needed to explain what my page was selling since the name was so mysterious already. I went through many taglines and had some “very good” ideas from the other classmates.


Here’s some of the good taglines we had.

  • do you need to rock and roll? -Rebecca
  • For your rocky needs
  • It’s just glass -Mihnea
  • everyone needs that one hard thing in their life.
  • It’s just carbon -Casey (kay-see)
  • stone store for your rocky needs
  • beauty for the hard things in life
  • beauty of the hard things in life 
  • Rocks R Us
  • etc..

After many disappointing puns and rock jokes I settled with a tagline that wasn’t very creative at all, but it fit.

  • A store for very specific rocks.

It simply explains the page.




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