An Unique Page: Colour Palettes & movie posters

Paint the world calm blue & violently orange!

madmax2The new mad max movie has a really good reference for the blue and orange. even if it does go a bit more yellow than orange.

When it came to the colour palette of the page I wanted to do the movie cover cliché and went for the often seen mix of blue and orange.

After fiddling with the settings and turning the whole palette around a few times I had figured out that getting the colours right was actually really hard.

Utterly failing with the background colour, I went to search for a image instead. Simply writing “Blue and Orange” led me to thousands of good quality backgrounds and one of them peaked my interest.

backgroundLove it.

I set it as the background and found it fitting as the banner too.

From this I got an idea to make a ocean like blue and orange theme to symbolize the smooth and calming feeling of the sea and colourful vibrant colours of the corals & underwater life.

        untitled-2                                    55875c                                  DB880C                             46CCF4                               023D49


I added a green colour in there for some reason. Can’t even remember when to be honest. The main colours are the bright blue, the dark blue and the dull orange. These make the page look a bit like it’s a ocean themed page but it does feel like it needs something more.


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